More than 300 sounds created in a high-quality 16-bit format. You will get an exclusive collection of impact and destruction sounds. Sounds can be used for any video or audio production. We created new objects and textures; don’t wait just check the samples provided.

Rupture was created in LA with the help of professional sound designers. Product consist of crashes, vehicle impacts, concrete rupturing, drywall falling, glass shattering, ice exploding, light switching, metal sounds, sandblasts, trees hitting ground, water splashes, wood sounds.

This product was designed to bring your video production to a new life.

The overall advantage of this product is that you don’t have to have any sound designing skills. We paid the experts and we did all the hard work. Crafting a sound is a time-consuming process. Although, it might seem like an exciting thing to do, however, coming up with a sound in your head is way easier than doing that on professional equipment.

Our product is not a shortcut, but a sophisticated way of creating TV films or video games. We put years of work before launching a new product called Rupture. You can edit or cut the soundbank we provided. You are in control. Try our samples and see them yourself.

Melee Sound has other libraries as well. Rupture is one of the smallest ones we offer. You will be able to create attack sounds of enemies and opponents. This is very important is shooting games. Unnatural sounds will not give you realistic effect and your games are not going to sound good. Hearing how the body of the soldier moves is also important. Our crafted sounds will mimic the exact sound that the real human body makes. Sound engineers crafted a library consisting of files replicating short movements and breathing in and out. Hitting the target, the body itself or the wall is challenging to recreate, but we did that too.

Car sounds are easier. Recording each machine was simple to do, but we faced some technical problems. Our expensive equipment had to be brought to the place and all the rooms have to be isolated too. After spending hours on each machine we were able to record and recreate the natural sound of each machine.

For a realistic shooting game, you have to think about doors and windows and the sounds they make if opened. Once you are inside the building, the natural sound of footsteps is also crucial.

Overall, reactions of each human and object were categorized into small pieces and this is how we made our Rupture library. Let us know if you have any other questions related to this product. Our mission is to provide the latest special effects for your everyday sound engineering and gaming needs. One of the latest IMDB hits had our effects on it. You should check that out.